IoT App Development

The world is transitioning to a new era of connectivity with the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT has successfully bridged all gaps by connecting common objects to the Internet. Every day, an increasing number of things or gadgets are connected to the Internet, and this number is expanding exponentially. In fact, to a level that you can maybe count stars above rather than the number of devices connected online!

Phones, refrigerators, cars, headphones, lamps, wearable devices, house-holding goods (Home automation equipment), and everything else you can think of (even a human being!) are all examples of such objects.

Different forms of communication, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, iBeacon, Zigbee Wireless, and NFC, are used to connect the devices to the Internet. In most cases, mobile phones are utilized as a means of connecting gadgets to the Internet. As a result, using a web browser and/or mobile phone, the data collected by these sensors can be accessed from anywhere, and the devices may be operated from anywhere. Thanks to the mobile phone’s sophisticated hardware and software platforms.

IoT app development enables people-to-people, people-to-things (objects), and things (objects)-things relationships and communication (objects). And, Pseudocode love to be the mediator making this impossible dream a living reality!

Artificial Intelligence Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is without a doubt the most revolutionary technology of our time. AI development services have the ability to offer extraordinary efficiency to your everyday business processes, redefining the way firms interact with their customers. This miracle technology aims to construct machines that learn and respond to provide freedom from monotonous and error-prone work by enhancing human skills. Businesses can now build rich human-like experiences, owing to AI’s breakthrough skills to think, learn, and even feel emotions.

Pseudocode delivers end-to-end AI integrated apps across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, gaming, finance, education, and technology, delivering unimaginable experience and customer satisfaction. Our AI technologies assist in deciphering data breakdowns, removing redundancies, and facilitating speedier decision-making. Our cutting-edge AI technologies are focused on maximizing human potential. Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, Image Processing, Model Training, Tensorflow, and CoreML are some of the services we offer to help you create cutting-edge business solutions, topped by the ‘differentiation factor.’

Chatbot Development

Automation has become the spine of business operations, and chatbots for client communication are among the best examples of technology-driven comfort. Psuecode proudly claims to be one of the expert chatbot development companies, delivering powerful and easy-to-use chatbots that streamline consumer interactions. As a chatbot creation firm, we employ advanced technologies that allow us to swiftly build and deploy intelligent chatbots across a variety of platforms, including Slack, Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, Telegram, and others. For all types of businesses, we provide exceptional AI chatbot development. Our focus is to empower our clients to cut through the noise and directly focus on slashing out customer issues by combining professional finesse with cutting-edge technologies.

  • Bot Development at Microsoft
  • Voice-Activated Chatbot
  • Testing of chatbots
  • System integration with ERP
  • Bot Development on Facebook
  • Bot development for WhatsApp
  • Bot Development for Slack
  • Bot Development on Telegram
  • Development of a Multilingual Chatbot
  • Development of a Custom Chatbot
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